Authentic Lives Workshops Need Your Support!

We do not believe we can put a price on someone’s identity – and so we invite all participants to come to the workshop ‘without money, without price’ to discover who they are, where they are going and how they are going to get there. We invite you to support us through making a donation, large or small, to enable us to help more people in our world discover their true identity!

Although the workshop is offered free for participants, that does not mean that there is no cost involved for us. We want to offer the best possible experience for all who come – from ensuring we maintain the quality of the workbooks, videos and online platform you are on right now, to financing workshops for those from disadvantaged backgrounds who could not otherwise take part in the course – all of which means we need your help to keep going, to keep helping others discover their destiny and live with purpose.

If you would like to pay it forward – to cover the costs for future workshops for your friends and family, and for people from all different kinds of backgrounds across the world, please click on the ‘Donate’ button or scan the QR Code and send us your donation.  We really appreciate any support you can give!


Support Authentic Lives:

We do not make any profit on your donations. Instead we guarantee that 100% of your contribution goes towards funding future workshops and developing the Authentic Lives experience for any and all who want to take part. Any amount you can offer, big or small, is immensely valuable to us and to those who will benefit from it in future.

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