Authentic Lives Workshop

What makes you come alive? Discover your unique identity, Passions & Purpose.

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Discover personal significance for your life

Authentic Lives workshops are FREE!

Discover who you really are, what you are good at and what gives you meaning & significance at an Authentic Lives Workshop.
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Our Goal

To awaken 20% of the world to their full potential

The Vision

20% of the world's population, which is 1.25 billion people, within this generation
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Authentic Lives Facilitator Accreditation Program

The next step for many previous workshop participants is to become trained as Facilitators to lead the workshops themselves.
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Authentic Lives Workshops Give You Insight!

We are a non profit organisation with a large international community of facilitators that share a common aim in helping people discover their unique identity, passions & purpose. Our desire is to help all those who want to discover more about who they really are and where they would love to go in life through bringing the Authentic Lives Workshop to as many people as possible without any charge to them.

When you know who you really are, what you’re good at, what your hopes and dreams are you can shape a better future for yourself, your family and your community.

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We invite you. Come without money or cost.

When you take part in the Authentic Lives Workshop, we will take you into a journey of discovery and re-discovery. You will find out personal insights into who you really are, what your strengths are, what your natural preferences are to thinking, seeing, doing and relating.  You will define for yourself a core process, the thing that drives you and give you purpose every day.  All your discoveries will then be used to plan out a new future based on your hopes and dreams.

The workshops are led by a fully trained Accreditated Authentic Lives Facilitator and a team of group Facilitators.

Translating Insight into Action

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from running Authentic Lives workshops all around the world, it’s this: you have to translate insight into action. What exactly does

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The Importance of Rules

We start every AL workshop by introducing the following four rules: Be present! Be positive! Keep confidentiality! Respect one another (Listen)! Have fun!

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